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Zaad Santal Deodorant Cologne Splash 200ml - o Boticario

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With the same fragrance of Eau de Parfum, the Splash is perfect for always taking with you and ensuring intense perfumation without losing sophistication. Perfect long description for completing the sophisticated man's scuming routine, the Splash version of Zaad Santal Eau de Parfum brings together the best ingredients in the world of perfumery. The woody and elegant fragrance contrasts the strength of the wood with the freshness of spices, brings sophistication and sandalwater heat for self-care. After all, the apothecary plunged into the roots of perfumery and ran through the sandalwood route until he found, in New Caledonia, high quality and sustainable cultivation of this millennial ingredient that enriches the male perfumery. The Splash deodorant Cologne Zaad Santal is ideal for taking anywhere and a great option for day to day. All this without losing the sophistication that the brand provides. Zaad Santal, the heat and sophistication of the sandalwood! No botican product is tested on animals, that is, this item is cruelty free.