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About The Supermarket Brazil

Thank you for visiting our store! Let us tell you about some of our beliefs:

Business relationships are based on a win-win basis, we always think about what’s fair and sustainable in the long run.

Our business is primarily based on quality customer service, not only good products. We offer the best route to the best products, which is basically from the brand’s factory to your door and 100% safe, 100% original products.

Here you can find the biggest variety of products, the newest arrivals, the lowest prices and fast shipping to your door. All that with a friendly support ready to help you immediately.

Our customer service is based on a single philosophy: "Wearing the other person’s shoes." We put ourselves in the customer perspective, to make sure we provide the best and fastest solution for our client issues. Always.

So be welcome and enjoy your shopping. :)

Supermarket Brazil

Customer Service: