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Zaad Eau De Parfum 50ml - o Boticario

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Perfect for demanding men, Zaad Eau de Parfum is a fresh woody fragrance and has ingredients from all over the world in your composition. If you are an elegant man and want to follow the standard of the best men's fragrances, this parfum Eau is for you. Original and invigorating, he presents herbal green notes and noble citrus notes, such as the Bergamot of Italy. In its evolution it becomes spicy and brings a sweet sweet, finalizing with the woody notes. Extremely cool and energetic Zaad Eau de Parfum can be used during the day at all seasons. Meet the other products of the line: Splash deodorant, antiperspirant aerosol deodorant, foam hydrant to shave and balm moisturizing after beard. No botican group product is tested on animals.