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Extratos da Terra Vitta Bio Salt 1000ml Thermal Water - Earth Extracts

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- has a potentiary effect
- Resets the minerals
- Protects the cells
- Balances the physiological functions
- Hydrates

It has in its composition minerals and oligoelements (Na, Cu, ZN, MN and MG) essential for the functions and the general balance of the organism, as well as for the synthesis of proteins. It maintains the skin hydrated, activates the enzymes responsible for the production of energy (ATP), activates the immune system and helps protection against free radicals. Bio salt thermal water has algae extract, which stimulates metabolism and activates microcirculation, balancing tissue hydration. Because it is sodium rich, copper, magnesium, zinc and manganese, has the capacity to catalyze the formation of collagen, elastin and anti-inflammatory reactions, which participate in the synthesis of proteins, assisting in tissue formation and cellular multiplication. In addition, it regulates the activity of various enzymes and improves the integrity of the cell membrane. It can be used as a remineralizing tonic or in association with clays and salts to enhance the results.

Main assets

Algae plant extract
Metabolic stimulant of cutaneous cells with softening and emollient properties, making skin soft and soft. Microcirculation activator, balances hydration and supply of tissues.

Mineral salts and traceelements (Na, Cu, MN, MG, S, among others)
They are essential for the functions and balance of the organism, as well as for the production of proteins. They act as energy source and activate the immune system, opposing free radicals. Balance the osmotic function and
improve the circulation of water molecules, regulating the biological hydration of the skin. Rich in mineral salts and trace elements that aid in hydration and skin maintenance, working in synergy with other line products in draining and stimulating protocols.

It acts retaining water on the surface of the skin because of its hygroscopic properties, which keeps the epidermis always hydrated.

Mode of use
Apply on clean skin with light massages or stammering up to total absorption. After your application, continue the procedure with bandages, massages and masks. It can be used in the aid to warm bandages.