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Adcos Vitamin C 15 + Hyaluronic Acid 15ml Cards

by Adcos
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Vitamin C 15 + Hyaluronic Acid is a more suitable anti-aging serum for sensitive and oily skins, with lighter sensory and imperceptible touch, super fluid and non-sticky texture. Formulated with 6 antioxidants, guarantees potent antioxidant action, prevents and repairs photo envelving damage, thus promoting radiance and luminosity for reactive skin.

This dermocosmetic contains 15% vitamin C, 10% L-ascorbic acid and 5% ascorbic ethyl acid, with proven stability throughout the period of use. Enriching the formula, further brings hyaluronic acid of very low molecular weight, which potentiates vitamin C anti-ranges action, in addition to deep and long-term moisturizing action to ensure tolerance for sensitive skins. Combined to the calming complex (PCA-NA and red sage extract), softens the skin and treats signs of sensitive and sensitized skin, restoring comfort and skin protection.

Contains the innovative Kakadu extract, an Australian surface that in addition to containing the largest concentrations of vitamin C, still stimulates the cellular conveyors of this asset on the skin, that is, it guarantees the use of all vitamin C available.

It also has a natural extract of green tea, a powerful antioxidant, in addition to the ferulic acid, important in the stabilization of vitamin C and E.

- It has important results in only 10 days of use.
- Illuminates and uniforms the skin tone.
- Reduces wrinkles and lines of expression.
- Contains hyaluronic acid, which moisturizes intensively.
- Improves elasticity and increases the firmness of the skin.
- Can be used by all skin types, mainly oily and sensitive skins.
- calms and softens the skin, with high tolerance for sensitive and intolerant skins.
- light texture with quick absorption, suitable for oily skins.
- It has antioxidant, moisturizing and antipolution action.
- Increases the synthesis of collagen.
- Dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic.
- Not comedogenic and non-acenedogenic.
"You have no fragrance or parabens.

Effectiveness of the product after 10 days of use of the product, was perceived by volunteers:
- 100% leaves no oily skin or cause irritation,
- 97% radiant skin,
- 84% reduction of wrinkles,
- 90% more uniform tonality.

How to use:

Use in the morning and / or at night on clean and dry skin before moisturizer or sunscreen. Apply 3 to 4 drops on the face, spreading up absorption. Avoid the contour of the eyes.


- Pure vitamin C: antioxidant action, stimulates and is essential in collagen synthesis, it has a clear effect, improves the natural photoprotection of the skin, decreases erythema, triggered by UVB irradiation.

- ascorbic ethyl acid: vitamin C derived with molecular structure closer to vitamin C pure, powerful antioxidant action, increases the synthesis of collagen and prevents skin DNA damage, protects the skin against UVB light damage, clears the skin by the inhibition of enzymes that synthesize melanin (tyrosinase and TRP-2).

- very low hyaluronic acid molecular weight: deep hydration, very low molecular weight, fills thin wrinkles, reorganizes the structure of the skin, penetrates deep into the cornea layer, moisturizing the skin from the inside out. It has long lasting moisturizing effect, increases the hydration of the skin twice when compared to common hyaluronic acid.

- Ferulic acid: coadjuvante in inflammatory process treatments, potentiates antioxidant action and stabilizes vitamins C and and, aids in skin whitening, protects cells against free surface radicals to dermis, prevents free radical damage to cell membranes , protects the skin from the signs of photo-aging damage, solar damage and ultraviolet light. Stabilizes up to 90% pure vitamin C, stimulates the natural antioxidant skin system and accelerates cutaneous regeneration.

- Red sage extract: component of the calming complex, important root in traditional Chinese medicine, reduces inflammation of the skin and improves its barrier, increases the sensitive skin tolerance threshold exposed to cold or pollution, restores comfort and protection of the skins, reduces the loss of transepidermal water, reduces inflammation from the particulate material (anti-pollution effect). It promotes comfort for sensitive and sensitized skins, reduces redness, calms and softens.

- PCA-NA: component of the calming complex, natural skin amino acids. Natural umectant extracted from sugarcane, biodegradable, with high retention capacity

Humidity, even in relative low humidity environments. It is highly moisturizing, returns softness and skin radiance.

- Green tea extract: natural antioxidant, stimulant, astringent and antilipemic. Improves peripheral microcirculation, acts as free antirradicis by lowering ferritin levels and lipid peroxides, characterizing a potent antioxidant effect on the skin and organism as a whole. Reduces DNA damage, promotes modulation of the immune response and reduces photo aging signals.

- Kakadu extract: extracted from an Australian superfrute, the richest vitamin C source of the world. Increases the availability of vitamin C on the skin in 106%, it has strong antioxidant activity, stimulates the synthesis of pro-collagen I at + 68%, stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid at + 59%, combating oxidative stress, reduces the appearance of Wrinkles and thin lines, improves brightness and brightness of the skin and induces uniformity in the tone and shine of the skin.

- Vitamin E: biological antioxidant (inhibits lipid peroxidant), improves skin blood microcirculation, protects against UVB rays, increases hydration of the corneal layer of the skin, has an anti-inflammatory effect, promotes gumination and cellular nutrition.