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Tracta Facial Moisturizer Mixed Oily Skin FPS30 UVA UVB Skin Care Protection 50g

by Tracta
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Facial moisturizer for combination and oily skin. Tracta restores hydration and prevents the signs of age, without leaving a sticky feeling on the face.

With a dry touch and a light gel-cream texture, Tracta Skin Mixed to Oily Facial Moisturizer fights dryness and excessive sebum production while maintaining a healthy appearance for longer on the face.

How to Use:
On clean, dry skin, apply the facial moisturizer all over your face morning and night. Do not rinse.

In order not to make mistakes when moisturizing oily skin, always choose products with a light texture and preferably, serums or gels, which are quickly absorbed and do not “sit” on the surface of the skin, leaving that sticky feeling.

-01 Tracta Facial Moisturizer Mixed or Oily Skin FPS30 UVA UVB Protection 50g