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Natura CHRONOS Tônico Detox / Tonic Detox Moisturizing - 150ml

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TÔNICO DETOX HIDRATANTE CHRONOS - 150ML / Tonic Detox Moisturizing Chronos - 150ml

Eliminates cellular toxins, calms the skin and potentiates hydration for up to 12h. Suitable for normal drough skins

The moisturizing detox tonic contains the detox cellular technology to eliminate cellular toxins leaving the cells healthier and more energy to absorb the assets of the treatment products.


• Ideal for normal drought skin.

• Soft, protected and hydrated skin.

• The refill version of your favorite product with less plastic that regular packaging is more practical, economical and sustainable.


• Vitamin E.

• Vegetable glycerin.

Content: 150 ml.