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Natura TODODIA Macadâmia / Macadamia Body Splash Cologne - 200 Ml

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TODODIA MACADÂMIA BODY SPLASH COLÔNIA - 200 ML / Tododia Macadamia Body Splash Cologne - 200 ml

Wear your skin.
Live your body.

With a fragrance that brings that feeling of comfort and well-being for your day, this body splash carries a citrus exit, marked by the bergamot note, body composed of a bouquet of flowers and chords of macadamia and chords contrasted by woods. Perfect for reminiscent of a special story.

Olfactory path:

Light floral.

Olfactory drop:

Output: Bergamot, pineapple, fresh notes of lemon and nutmeg.

Body: Jasmin, Peony, Muguet, violet, peach and macadamia wake up.

Background: Musk, cedar, sandalwood, puncture and sweet notes.

Content: 200 ml