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Natura TODODIA Flor Maçã / Apple Flower Body Splash Deodorant Cologne - 200 Ml

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TODODIA FLOR DE MAÇÃ BODY SPLASH DESODORANTE COLÔNIA - 200 ML / Tododia Apple Flower Body Splash Deodorant Cologne - 200 ml

Every day is day to live your body.

The Body Splash Deodorante Cologne of Tododia is an invitation to wear your body with a light perfumation. Tododia seeks inspiration in the combination of amazing notes, translated into irresistible fragrances. Sensations of freshness and lightness, which give the final touch to the care of each day. In addition, it complements the routine with a smooth skin hydration.


• Lightweight and refreshing perfumation: well-being sensation;

• Fragrance that surprises: cheerful and feminine with floral notes;

• Light skin hydration: maintains skin hydration throughout the day;

• Formula with high naturalness: 95% of natural ingredients.

Content: 200 ml