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Natura TODODIA Amora Vermelha Jabuticaba / Red Amora And Jabuticaba Body Splash Cologne - 200 Ml

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TODODIA AMORA VERMELHA E JABUTICABA BODY SPLASH COLÔNIA - 200 ML / Tododia Red Amora and Jabuticaba Body Splash Cologne - 200 ml

Wear your skin.
Live your body.

With a lovely fragrance that highlights the feminine side. Delicate and engaging, this lightweight body frutal splash brings the joy of red fruit notes with the exuberance of jabuticaba. Perfect for enchanting everyone with your vibration.

Olfactory path:

Light frutal.

Olfactory drop:

Out: Pear, Mandarin, Cherry Delight, Pomegranate, Currant, Orange and Lichia.

Body: plum, transparent jasmin, magnolia, nympheal, jabuticaba and red blackberry.

Background: Vanilla, Tonka, Sandalwood, Musk, Amber and Caramel.

Content: 200 ml