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Natura TODODIA Algodão / Toddia Cotton Body Splash Cologne - 200ml

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TODODIA ALGODÃO BODY SPLASH COLÔNIA - 200ML / Toddia Cotton Body Splash Cologne - 200ml

Wear your skin. Live your body.

With a fragrance that brings that feeling of comfort and well being for your day, this body splash is a delicate floral, which contrasts the exit of citrus and aromatic notes with the lightness of flowers such as lavender and muguet. The background comforts with the sweet vanilla. Perfect for dreaming awake under the stars.

Olfactory path:

Light floral.

Olfactory path:

Out: Citrus, Frutal and Aromatic.

Body: lavender, muguet and vanilla.

Background: Musk, Woods, Sandalwood and Amber.

Content: 200ml.