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Tile Color Cotton Hammock Network Santa Luzia Paraíba Trance Couple 14 ft by 7 ft

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The Trance Chain was inspired by the strips of mamucaba that are part of the finish of the chain.

The assembly is done by hand, taking care to keep the braid in the proper measure for greater comfort in its use.

Handmade cuffs, skins and mamucabas.

Composition: 80% cotton + 20% polyester (PET).

Dimensions: Complete net: 4.20m long x 1.60m wide (14 ft by 7 ft)

Capacity: 180 kg.

Shrinkage: Up to 10%.

-01 Tile Color Cotton Hammock Santa Luzia Paraíba Trance Couple 4.20mX1.60m