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Hidramais Thermo massage oil relaxing hydramais 500ml

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Thermo Massage Oil Relaxing Hydramais - 500ml

The presence of Arnica in its formula promotes the relief of tensions and, associated with glycerin and propylene, give a high emollient power to the oil, as well as a sensation of light heating on the skin (only with relaxing sensation). Especially indicated for relaxing massages and finalizing other massages. It can be associated with creams and other oils.

Assets and Benefits:

Arnica: anti-inflammatory potential and antiseptic and tonic and stimulant properties. Helps in the growth of new tissues.
Glycerin: Excellent moisturizing and emollient, helps retain moisture on the skin.
Propylene: Umectant properties. Helps in carrying oils through the pores of the skin, lubricating and rejuvenating skin cells.
It does not contain mineral oil.


Do not use in pregnant women and individuals with sensitivity to any of the components of the formula. Do not use on injured or irritated skin.


01 Thermo massage oil relaxing hydramais - 500ml