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Adcos Sunscreen Tonalizer Stick FPS 80 12g Colors Cards

by Adcos
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Single sunscreen based market toner market with FPS 80, grape protection and long and hyaluronic active grape. It was developed for daily use and for all skin types, with unique texture provided by the association of vegetable waxes that guarantee double the water resistance of traditional textures, in addition to the homogeneous distribution of pigments that guarantee high coverage and protection against visible light from solar radiation and light from artificial lamps and electronic devices such as computers, cell phones and tablets.

It also has a high concentration of pigments that confer immediate skin tone uniformity, disguising imperfections, as well as reduce spots and melasma. With silky touch and matte effect.

Its stick format is practical and easy to apply, providing skin protection throughout the day without leaving it sticky or oily. It has anti-aging action by the association of vitamin E and hyaluronic assets, giving antioxidant activity, antiglant, moisturizing, cellular DNA protection and minimizing wrinkles and lines of expression.

Due to maximum water resistance is also the ideal sunscreen for outdoor sports practices and direct exposure to the sun, not dripping and not burning the eyes.

The nanoencapsulated hyaluronic asset, when in contact with the water on the skin, increases its volume, filling wrinkles and lines of expression and promoting a softer, smooth and illuminated skin. This product was formulated in such a way as to minimize possible emergence of allergy.

- Contains fragrance.
- Not comedogenic.
- Helps prevent solar burns.
- No parabens and hypoallergenic
- ophthalmologically tested.
- Dermatologically tested.

Choose the best tone of the sunscreen, according to the tone of your skin:
- ivory: very light beige tonality, vanilla cream.
- Peach: light beige tonality, peach.
- Nude: Middle Beige, almond.
- Beige: dark beige tonality, caramel.
- Bronze: brown tint, cinnamon.

How to use:
Apply abundantly before exposure to the sun. If the amount applied is not adequate, the protection level will be significantly reduced. Product reapplication is required to maintain its effectiveness. Always reapply, after intense sweating, swimming, bathe, dry with towel and during sun exposure.


- Active hyaluronic nano encapsulated: filling up wrinkles by hydration, reorganization of the structure of the epidermis, moisturizes deeply and helps in reducing deep wrinkles.

- Vitamin E: promotes antioxidant, antigliding action, anti-aging and moisturizing action.

- Candelilla wax: promotes moisturizing action, filmogen, is very water resistant and reinforces the skin barrier.