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Sunscreen Facial Episol Color Tone 2 clear fps70 40ml - Mantecorp

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Episol Color is a line of facial sunscreen with color that promotes perfect coverage with natual effect and skin uniform, with matte effect, dry touch and smell of protector, light texture and easy to spread and fast absorption. It has immediate protection FPS 70 against UVA, UVB, infrared A and light visible light. Available in 6 tonalities developed for Brazilian skins. Benefits
-Preate cover and skin uniform with natural effect, developed for Brazilian skins
-Suavization and decrease of wrinkles and lines of expression
Matifying, dry touch and clean skin sensation
- Immediate and fast absorption "mode of use (how to use)
Apply the product on dry skin and spread all over your face until a uniform layer. Reapply as needed. Daily use.