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Sunscreen Facial Episol Color Black LC FPS70 40g - Mantecorp

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"Episol Color is a line of sunscreen with color that promotes perfect coverage and skin uniformity. Available in five tones: Extra Clear Skin (FPS 30 and FPS 70), Clear Skin (FPS 30 and FPS 70), Skin
Morena (FPS 30 and FPS 70), Morena fur plus (FPS 30 and FPS 70) and black skin (FPS 30 and FPS 70). Wide from the solar spectrum with high and very high grape protection, UVB, infrared A and visible light, promotes perfect and uniform coverage, has fondant texture with base effect, matte effect and dry touch, prevents early aging, without fragrance, does not obstruct the Pores, innovative system of dispersion of pigments, prevents the formation of agglomerates. "Benefits
-Available in five shades: extra light skin, clear skin, brunette skin, brunette plus and black skin
Perfect and uniform coverage
-Text fondant with base effect
Mate and dry touch
-No obstructs the pores
- Water-resistant
- Immediate Protection
-Daily use
-Without fragrance
-Alta visible light protection, grape, UVB and infrared
-Prevines early aging "ingredients (active principles)
Solar protective grape and UVB filters
Iron and zinc oxide for visible light protection
Infrared defense - combination of antioxidants with proven protection against damage caused by
infrared radiation A.Modo of use (how to use)
Apply a uniform layer on dry skin whenever necessary. Daily use.