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Brazilian Stefani Premium Water Purifying Clay Ceramic Filter 6L 2 Candles

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$126.50 - $126.50
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Ceramica Stéfani sought to design a filter with a modern design, with smooth lines, and that would match any environment. With Premium Filter, quality, safety and economy come standard. 

The Stéfani Premium Filter, besides pleasing with its innovative design, will ensure pure, fresh and healthy water for the whole family.

• Straight, detachable and sturdier base.
• Naturally fresh and healthy water.

Capacity: 6L
Number of Candles: 2
Height: 47.5cm
Diameter: 26cm
Weight: 8.5kg

Authentic Hand-made terra cotta water filter 
Cartridge carbon included
English Instructions
Equipped with 2 Traditional Ceramic Candle and Clic Faucet.