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Brazilian Stéfani Advance Plus Purifying Water Ceramic Filter 8L 1 Candle

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The Stéfani Advance Plus Filter utilizes the Colloidal Silver and Activated Carbon Sterilizing Ceramic (Triple Action) Candle that filters out impurities, eliminates bacteria and microorganisms, reduces odors, tastes and the amount of chlorine in water. Its design allows you to view the upper reservoir water level while the lower clay reservoir refreshes the water.

Another product with Stéfani quality and efficiency guaranteed by the most renowned research institutes in the world, so that the consumer always takes home the maximum in health and safety.

Capacity: 8L
Number of Candles: 2
Height: 48cm
Diameter: 29.5cm
Weight: 6.1kg

Authentic Hand-made terra cotta water filter 
Cartridge carbon included
English Instructions
Equipped with Clic Faucet, 1 Ceramic Sterilizing Candles and Float Tap that doubles the filter's storage capacity.