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Special Vitamins New Hair Capillary Supplement 30 Capsules Treatment - New Hair

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New Hair treats from the inside out, providing your hair with the necessary nutrition so that they are increasingly healthy.
Our exclusive formula has been producing satisfactory results for the people who use it. The benefits you get along with New Hair are: accelerated growth, hydration, more volume, less hair loss, strengthening of nails and firm skin in addition to serving for all hair types.

How does it work?
In the first days you will feel your hair stronger and shiny, the vitamins are working from the inside out to make you even more beautiful.
In the first 30 days, in addition to being stronger and shinier, after a month you will notice a growth of up to 4 cm * in relation to the beginning of the treatment.
Growth varies according to each person's body.

01 - New Hair Capillary Supplement 30 cps Treatment