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Soundvoice Lite USB Interface Bluetooth Audio Record 12 Effects Soundcasting 300

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Interface with excellent sound quality for lives and transmissions or recording made directly from your cell phone, to which you can simultaneously connect two smartphones, microphone, earphone, external audio source, charger, monito and Bluetooth, in addition to being very practical and functional, the interface Sound Voice has 12 types of electronic sounds and 6 types of sound effects.

In addition to all its features, the Sound Casting-300 has a very resistant and durable metal exterior with a beautiful finish in Red color.

It's time to give that Upgrade to your Lives!!!

Electronic sound;
Sound alteration;
12 special effects
Multiple Effects Modes
Reverb adjustment;
Microphone volume adjustment;
Bass and midrange adjustment;
Accompaniment volume adjustment;
Monitor volume adjustment (stage return function);
Function when using a computer with a cell phone;
Function to separate use of the headset;
Various connection methods: Live cell phone karaoke; Live transmission via two devices, Live transmission from computer and cell phone, Live transmission from a single computer, Musical instrument input with subsequent live transmission via cell phone.

Sound Voice brand;
Soundcasting-300 model;
USB interface;
Connection: Mobile, PC, TABLET;
Various adjustments;
Dynamic Range: 106DB;
Harmonic Distortion: 106DB;
Input: DC5V / 1A;
2 channels;
Average Battery Life: 6 hours;
Button: On / Off;
USB Interface 1 input;
USB Interface 2 input;
Input monitoring instrument;
Entry for Cargo;
Plug Female Headphones / Speakers;
Headset plug;
Condenser Microphone plug;
Cable P10 plug;
18 Buttons (Electro, Pitch Bend, Magic, Boom, MC, Dodge, Twist, Crow, Weapon, Contempt, Laughter, Clap, Dance, Oriental, Kiss, Tik-Tok, Song 1 and Song 2 );
Color: Black and Red;
Manufacturing Origin: China;

02 P2 x Mini USB audio cables;
01 USB charging cable.

-01 Soundvoice Lite USB Interface Bluetooth Audio (12 Effects) Soundcasting 300