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Soundvoice 6 Channel Sound Desk w/ USB Bluetooth Interface Recording MC6BT

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The MC6-BT table is small and light, when directly connected to the Computer's USB (PC), it receives power through the connection itself, without the need for external power.

When operating outside the Interface function, it can be powered through the mobile connection, eliminating the hassle of using a fixed socket and wiring, that is, to supply it, just use a UBS or AC/DC adapter, Power Banks or any other type of external connection such as USB port.

The MC6-BT table has 04 balanced Mono Combo XLR input channels, 2 stereo P10 line, Bluetooth and USB input with digital display with LCD screen.

The mixer features gain control, easily adjusting the volume level. The 48V Phantom Power is suitable for providing direct and correct power to the condenser microphone. The headphone output port has high definition, MP3 Player, and Interface function, which can connect directly to computer.

The Sound Voice MC6-BT mixer is compact, lightweight and easy to carry, versatile and high quality.

This product is ideal for those who want to upgrade their sound, being used by amateurs, beginners and even professionals.

Instructions for Use:
- Before connecting the product, read the manual carefully;
- Always keep the table clean, use a dry cloth and/or brush;
- Do not block the ventilation intakes;
- Make sure you are selecting the correct voltage;
- Avoid leaving / placing the table in damp environments (contact with water);
- The device must be connected to the mains with a socket in perfect condition, avoid using adapters.
Heads up:
- This mixer is bivolt automatic, and can be connected to 110V or 220V voltage;
- This mixer does not record in the Multitrack function (separate recording of multiple sound sources).

Inputs and Functions:
1. Mono Combo Input (Line IN / MIC ): Accepts XLR connectors and P10 connectors, connects microphones and/or instruments you intend to use.
2. Stereo Input: Used to connect line-level instruments such as electronic keyboards and audio equipment. Two types of inputs are available: Type P10 and Type RCA;
3. Phantom Power Switch (+48V): Activate the switch (indicator lights up) when using condenser microphone. To avoid unwanted loud noise emission from the speakers, turn off the powered speakers (or power amplifiers) before activating the switch (Phantom Power +48V);
4. Phantom Power LED indicator: When lit, it indicates that Phantom Power is activated;
5.Gain (GAIN): Used to adjust the gain of the input signal;
6. Treble (HIGH ): Adjust the KNOB to control the tone of the channel's treble;
7. Bass (LOW): Adjusts the JNOB to control the bass tone of the channel;
8. Effect Send (EFX): KNOB to access the channel's effect;
9. Channel Volume: Adjusts the channel volume;
10. Button ( ST / USB ): Used to switch ST and USB input signals;
11. Main Volume: Adjust KNOB to increase/decrease output volume level;
12. Headphone Volume: You can control the headphone volume;
13. Repeat ( REPEAT ): Used to adjust the repeat frequency of the echo;
14. Headphone jack: Connect model P2 headphone to monitor the sound;
15. Output Level Indicator: It is a level meter (VU) that shows the output levels of the left and right channels, so you can see the output condition through this master level indicator;
16. Delay: Used to adjust the interval time of the repeat effect;
17. MP3 Module Functions:
17.1 LCD Display: screen that shows the functions of the MP3 module;
17.2 USB input, use this input to place your USB device;
17.3 Pause / Play Button: Used to tap and stop playback. Press and hold to switch to record mode, the main channel output letter record to USB storage;
17.4 Previous Function: A short press goes back to the previous track, a long press lowers the volume;
17.5 Next Function: A short press moves to the next track, a long press increases the volume;
17.6 Mode: You can select the functions: LINE / BUETOOTH;
18. Stereo Output Interface: L and R main output connectors. These connectors carry the MAIN MIX signal and must be connected to an external amplification source;
19. Recording Output: RCA output that can be connected to any external recording equipment.
20. USB power supply interface: Can be connected to external 5V power supply or computer USB interface, when connected to computer with external sound card function.
21. Switch / MP3 / PC connection: The power supply is connected to the computer, press this switch to switch MP3/PC.

Brand: Sound Voice;
Model: MC6-BT;
Table with 06 channels;
04 Combos connection channels;
02 STEREO Channels P10 and RCA connection;
PC interface;
LCD display;
Buttons: Play / Pause, Music Forward or Rewind, Volume - / Volume +;
MODE button (Table Function Model );
USB port;
Direct Recording via USB;
Playback via USB;
Bluetooth connection;
Equalizer 2 bands per channel (High and Low);
Gain adjustment per channel;
Effect: Delay + Repeat;
Phantom Power +48v;
Audio Format: MP3, WMA, WAV;
Input for Headphones (P2);
Manufacture Origin: China.

01 USB power cable ( Cable + Source );
01 instruction manual;
01 Original Packaging.

-01 Soundvoice 6 Channel Compact Sound Desk w/ USB Bluetooth Interface Sound Voice Recording MC6BT