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Soap Studio Jerry Mouse Statue God of Wealth Pink Ver Tom and Jerry Collectible

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They form one of the most beloved and famous cartoon duos and "sometimes" friends of all time, causing their characteristic mess and chaos wherever they go, one chasing the other, amid explosions, mousetraps, cheeses and traps. outlandish. Created by the legendary duo William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, they amuse us since 1940 until today, with their eternal rivalry, sometimes allies, the cat Tom and the mouse Jerry are the protagonists of cartoons in shorts and feature films, games, comics etc. success around the world. Jerry Mouse God of Wealth is inspired by the personification of the god of wealth, lifting his eyes and an eyebrow and pointing to suggest prosperity and good luck for you in the coming year. Jerry in a bath of gold to bring all luck!

Included Items Base and Figure
Product Size 12 cm
Reign material
Recommended Age Recommended product for over 15 years old
Unisex gender
Soap Studio Manufacturer
Tom and Jerry Franchise
lot 190
Product Type Statue

-01 Soap Studio Jerry Mouse Statue God of Wealth Pink Ver Tom and Jerry