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Skin Care Slim Foot Dermopés Sealing Fluid Smoothing Lotion Treatment Kit

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Dermopés Feet Sealing Fluid

Purpose: Hydrates and normalizes the pH of the skin of the feet after using Dermopés Softener of cracks.

How to use: After using Dermopés softener of crack, apply the fluid on the skin of the feet and massage until the product is completely absorbed. It can be used daily as a foot moisturizer.

Soothing Lotion to Cracks Calluses 

Purpose: Treats cracks and calluses, removing excess skin formed by the accumulation of dead keratin on the heels and toes.

How to use: Wet a cotton ball with the product and cover the callus or crack in the heel. Let it act for 10 to 15 minutes. Then remove the cotton and pass a spatula or scraper on the area being treated, removing the excess skin. Afterwards, rinse the area with running water, removing all the product. Repeat the procedure if necessary.

Crack softener kit:
-01 Crack softener – 180 ml 
-01 Feet sealing fluid – 60 ml.

Help with removal. the cracks in the feet, removing the hardened, dry and dead skins.