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Skin Care Facial Vitamin C UFPS40 Sunscreen Sunblock Treatment Protector 50g

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Fast absorption, protects the skin against blue light, ensures masking of facial imperfections, high sun protection against UV rays and visible light. Perfect for use during outdoor activities.

- Hyaluronic acid:
1. Helps maintain skin support and hydration
2. Prevents sagging, lines and expression signs
3. Fills and keeps the skin hydrated, fresh and revitalized.
4. Because it is a natural component of our body, this substance is not rejected by the skin.

- Vitamin C:
1.Helps lighten blemishes on the skin
2. Prevents signs of premature aging
3. More hydrated and luminous skin
4. Protection against the sun's rays can be enhanced
5. Contributes to the treatment of dark circles

- Vitamin E:
1. Rich in anti-oxidants
2. Reduces damage caused by free radicals
3. Promotes hydration
4. Strengthens the skin barrier
5. It has natural anti-inflammatory power
6. Has soothing effect for sensitive skin

-01 Renovil Vitamin C UFPS40 Sunscreen Protector 50g