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Skin Care Facial Renovil Concentrated Serum Expression Marks Treatment 60ml

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Concentrated Serum for Deep Expression Marks: Stimulates collagen production, decreases the depth of wrinkles, fights free radicals.

PURPOSE: Stimulates cell renewal, providing firmness and elasticity to the skin. It promotes intense and prolonged hydration, reducing wrinkles and expression lines.
PENTAPEPTIDE: It works as a specific messenger for the cells of the dermis, which stimulates the formation of collagen which is a structural protein that unites and strengthens the tissues providing a more effective cell renewal.

VITAMIN E: Protects cellular structures against the action of free radicals, preventing irreparable damage to cells, promoting an anti-aging effect.

HOW TO USE: Use daily, morning and night, before Renovil treatment facial creams. When applying the product, make upward and circular movements. Apply to deep facial expression marks. Also use on the lap and neck.

-01 Renovil Concentrated Serum 60ml