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Skin Care Facial Lighter Cream Aura-R Snail Slime Baba de Caracol Treatment 30g

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The Aura-R Baba de Caracol Facial Whitening Cream fights and prevents sun spots, dark spots, freckles, reddish and brown marks. In addition to lightening, this product also moisturizes the skin.

Snail Extract: Reconstituent of the skin, it helps in the hydration and stimulation of important components for skin health, such as essential lipids, collagen and elastin, improving the facial tone. It has an exclusive combination of natural ingredients that generate several benefits. Composed of vitamins, amino acids and healing and structuring agents, this asset reduces wrinkles and smoothes scars.

Alpina Officinarium: A natural active with a high concentration of galangin that promotes lightening and uniformity of skin tone. It acts in the formation and transport of the melanosome which are the precursors of the formation of melanin in the skin. In addition to acting also in the synthesis of melanin which is the molecule responsible for skin pigmentation. With this complete action of inhibition in the formation of skin pigmentation, the active improves the tone and uniformity of the skin.

How to use the Facial Whitening Cream:

Apply to areas of the face with blemishes with circular movements until fully absorbed, use twice a day. Use sunscreen during the day on the facial blemish. Make a touch test, see package insert.

-01 Aura-R Baba de Caracol Facial Lighter Cream 30g