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Skin Care Body Extra Dry Skin Urea Lotion 10% Deep Nourishing Treatment 200ml

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Urea Corpori Lotion 10% is an intensive treatment for Extra Dry skin, as it provides deep hydration with rapid absorption.

Discover the Power of Urea:

Severe skin dryness is a problem that affects many people, bringing discomfort and flakiness. But, did you know that urea is a powerful asset capable of treating this problem?

Urea has a high hydration power that improves skin texture, reduces roughness and flakiness, making the skin healthier and more beautiful.

The Corpori line urea creams are products with special actives indicated for the intensive treatment of dry and extra dry skins, because they offer extreme and lasting hydration.

In addition, they prevent flaking and offer immediate comfort to the skin.

How to use:
Apply the Extra Dry Skin Urea Lotion to the skin. And spread the product making circular movements, until the product is completely absorbed.

-01 Extra Dry Skin Urea Lotion 200ml