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Skin Care Beauty Facial Aura-R Cream for Wrinkles n Scars Snail Slime Treatment 30g

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Aura-R line facial cream for wrinkles and scars has snail slobber as its main asset, which is rich in protein, enzymes and minerals. This product fights and prevents skin aging by regenerating the skin and smoothing wrinkles and scars. Associated with vitamin E, it fights free radicals by restructuring collagen and restoring facial tonicity.

Snail extract: It has an exclusive combination of natural ingredients that generate several benefits for the skin. Composed of vitamins, amino acids and healing and skin structuring agents, this asset reduces wrinkles and smoothes scars.

Vitamin E: Protects cellular structures against the action of free radicals, preventing irreparable damage to cells, promoting an anti-aging effect.

D-Panthenol: Excellent cell regenerator that increases epithelial resistance and renewal.

Allantoin: It has anti-irritant action, accelerates regeneration and improves skin hydration.

How to use the wrinkle cream:

Apply on the face with gentle circular movements until the product is completely absorbed. Use twice a day.

-01 Aura-R line facial cream for wrinkles and scars 30g