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Natura LUMINA Suave Cabelos Crespos / Soft Shampoo Curly Hair - 300ml

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SHAMPOO SUAVE CABELOS CRESPOS LUMINA - 300ML / Soft Shampoo Curly Hair Lumina - 300ml

Natura Lumina. Your hair, your truth.

The soft shampoo for curly curly hair is part of a complete treatment system, which smooths gently, disengages and gives strength and resistance to the wires. He also has the unpublished pro-web biotechnology, responsible for filling the threads from the inside out, to the extent of each damage. In addition, the shampoo brings in its formula the hydradefinition asset, which defines the curly and curly wires, has long-lasting memory effect and guarantees the hair movement and antifrix action.


• No sulfate and silicone.

• Low foaming.

• Delicately cleaned hair.

• Disagreement from washing.

• Anti-effect.

Content: 300ml.