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Pielus Antiqueda Locao FR 120ml - Mantecorp

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Antiqueda lotion that acts in the reduction of the capillary drop and restores the strength, resistance and density of the hair by minimizing the breaking of the wires. Its nanoencapsulated antiqueda asset complex increases the production of energy in the capillary bulb, stimulates the growth of new wires and improves the overall appearance of hair. Also know the antiqueda shampoo. Benefits
"Foils the wires and reduce the fall
- Hair resistance against daily aggressions
Betting the quality of the rod and overall hair appearance
-Itimulate the healthy growth of new wires "ingredients (active principles)
Nanoencapsulated antiqueda asset complex and blend of peptides and amino acids. Mode of use (how to use)
"Shake before you use. With clean, dry or wet hair, apply a sufficient amount of pielus antiquedita lotion throughout the scalp and wire length, without excess, with the help of the applicator bottle. Massage lightly the scalp with the tips of the fingers. Do not rinse. Daily use or according to medical orientation. Do not use the product with the vial positioned upside down as it may cause valve malfunction.