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Natura LUMINA Sérum Regenerador Progressivo Quimicamente Danificados / Sérum Chemically Damaged Progressive Regenerator - 100ml

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SÉRUM REGENERADOR PROGRESSIVO QUIMICAMENTE DANIFICADOS LUMINA - 100ML / Sérum Chemically Damaged Progressive Regenerator Lumina - 100ml

Natura Lumina. Your hair, your truth.

The chemically damaged progressive regenerator serum lumina is part of a complete treatment system, which regenerates extreme damage and recovers the most uniform texture of the wires, reducing double tips and breaking, besides having the unpublished pro-web biotechnology, responsible for completing the Wires from the inside out, to the extent of each damage. In addition, Sérum still has the active liporposition, which potentiates the insertion of lipids lost by the capillary fiber, returning the natural cohesion of wire cuticles intelligently.


• Regenerated hair.

• Recovers extreme damage.

• Progressive and lasting regeneration of fragile areas.

• Armored yarns against future damage.

• Seals the cuticles.

• Has thermal and UV protection without regret.

Content: 100ml.