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Natura CHRONOS Sérum Noturno Antioleosidade Poros / Sérum Nocturnal Antioliness And Poros - 30ml

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SÉRUM NOTURNO ANTIOLEOSIDADE E POROS CHRONOS - 30ML / Sérum Nocturnal Antioliness and Chronos Poros - 30ml

Refer the covenant with its beauty.

Intensive prebiotic serum recovers the skin microbiota balance and corrects imperfections from oily skin. Reduces the size and quantity of pores visible by up to 78%. It promotes progressive reduction of skin oil with continuous use.


• Reduces pores visible to up to 78%;

• Reduces excessive production of oiliness in a progressive way;

• Combat skin imperfections: oiliness, brightness, pores and acne;

• Retrieves the skin balance.

Content: 30ml.