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Depil Bella Serum clarifying face, axilla, groin, freckles 40g depil bella

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Suitable for body and facial use, Sérum whitening brings in its active composition with intelligent whitening technology, capable of acting on post-inflammatory hyperchromia continuously and securely.
In addition to the clearing action provided by biotechnological assets, its formula has high performance emollients and aloe vera extract, which act in skin hydration, improving skin texture and leaving a sensation of softness and softness.
Specified results from 28 days of use.

How to use:
Apply the Sérum Clarador Depil Bella, twice a day, on the dark areas of the skin. Massage gently until the total absorption of the product. It is recommended to use photoprotective throughout the treatment. For best results do the region exfoliation, 2-3 times a week.
Use day and night.