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Brazilian São João Stefani Veneza Clay Purifying Water Filter 6L 1 Candle

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Inside the modern look, the Venice filter brings over 70 years of recognized effectiveness to the most traditional water purifier system on the market, the São João filter.

The Venice filter has a modern and sober design that combines a sturdy plastic container on top with the traditional clay base, which conserves fresh and natural water.

This product brings as an innovation an efficient purifying set, consisting of Declorating Ceramic Candle (Double Action), which removes solid waste and decolorizes water, and water level regulator of the containers. A model that suits all environments, ideal for those who want purified, clear and healthy water to drink at home. Fitted with Click Faucet.

Capacity: 6L
Number of Candles: 1
Height: 46cm
Diameter: 26.5cm
Weight: 5.7kg

Authentic Hand-made terra cotta water filter 
Cartridge carbon included
English Instructions
Equipped with Clic Faucet, 1 Ceramic Sterilizing Candles and Float Tap that doubles the filter's storage capacity.