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Natura TODODIA Framboesa Pimenta Rosa / Soaps In Pure Vegetable Bar Raspberry And Pink Pepper

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Sabonetes em Barra Puro Vegetal Tododia Framboesa e Pimenta Rosa / Soaps in pure vegetable bar tododia raspberry and pink pepper

Frutal and creamy fragrance with an unusual touch of pink pepper.

Feel your body in an invigorating bath with the tododia bar soap. A combination of natural ingredients in a gentle formula that clears gently maintaining natural skin hydration.


• Gentle cleaning: Do not agree and do not smash it maintains natural hydration of the skin;

• 97% of natural ingredients: greater affinity with your skin;

• creamy and engaging foam: delicious invigorating bath sensation of softness on the skin;

• Fragrance explosion: turns the bath at a special moment in your day.