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Natura EKOS Esfoliante / Pure Bar Soaps Exfoliating Vegetable - 4un Of 100g Each

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SABONETES EM BARRA PURO VEGETAL ESFOLIANTE EKOS - 4UN DE 100G CADA / Pure bar soaps Ekos exfoliating vegetable - 4un of 100g each

Feel the power of the forest with cleansing soaps, protect and perfume your whole body.

Natura Saboery brings you our specialty in soaps and the power of forest ingredients. With pure vegetable oils of the Amazon, they awaken the body and inspire the soul.


• Made with 100% vegetable oils, Natura Ekos hydrating soaps, perfumes and promote the sense of well-being;

• 100% animal fat;

• All natura soaps are effective against viruses, germs and bacteria;

• Rich in glycerin, which provides softness and equilibrium for the skin.

Content: 4 Units (1 Açaí, 1 Andiroba, 1 Passionate and 1 Pitanga) of 100g each.