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Natura MAMÃE E BEBÊ Relaxante Espuma / Relaxing Soap In Foam - 200 Ml

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SABONETE RELAXANTE EM ESPUMA - 200 ML / Relaxing soap in foam - 200 ml

Caution that relaxes and calms, for a quieter sleep.

The bath, this big big daily moment of baby care, can help calm and relax for a quieter night's sleep. The vegan formula of the foam soap has relaxing fragrance and only the essentials to smoothly clean and delicate baby's sensitive skin. It has light texture and is so safe that can be used from the first bath.


• Ingredients that help the baby relax and have a peaceful sleep;

• 100% secure formula, to be used since the first day of life;

• Tested and approved by pediatricians;

• Delicate cleaning;

• Maintains baby's skin hydration;

• Vegan product;

• Only with the essential for baby's sensitive skin;

• 98% of natural and biodegradable ingredients;

• Soft and safe perfumation;

• Do not burn your eyes;

• 100% green plastic bottle;

• Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested;

• No controversial ingredients.