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Natura TODODIA Amora Vermelha Jabuticaba / 300ml

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SABONETE LÍQUIDO EM GEL AMORA VERMELHA E JABUTICABA - 290G/300ML / Red Blackberry Liquid Soap and Jabuticaba - 290g / 300ml

Every day is day to live your body.

Feel your body in a special bath with liquid soap in red blackberry gel and jabuticaba. Its gentle formula clearly maintains the natural hydration of your skin. Its gel texture and its surrounding fragrance leave your bath even more delicious. Apply in the damp skin except on the face, making circular movements through the body. A small amount yields a lot. Enjoy the moment and relax. Rinse then and ready, clean skin and prepared to receive your nutritional deodorant cream tododia.


• Gentle cleaning;

• Do not misunderstand, do not dry and respect your skin;

• Creamy and abundant foam;

• Fragrance explosion.

Content: 290g / 300ml.