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Natura TODODIA Noz Pecã Cacau / Soap In Pure Vegetable Bar Nut Pecan And Cocoa - 5un Of 90g

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SABONETE EM BARRA PURO VEGETAL NOZ PECÃ E CACAU TODODIA - 5UN DE 90G / Soap in pure vegetable bar Nut pecan and cocoa tododia - 5un of 90g

Clean and soft skin with moisturizing pecan and cocoa walnut.

The soap in bar tododia walnut pecan and cocoa promotes pleasant sensation while cleaning and leaves skin soft and silky. Its smooth formula avoids dryness and prepares the skin to receive the lasting nutritious combination of our moisturizers.


• Do not dry;

• moisturizes gently;

• Sensation of soft and silky skin.

Content: 5 units, 90g each.