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Natura EKOS Estoraque / Pure Vegetable Bar Soap Storac - 100g

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SABONETE EM BARRA PURO VEGETAL EKOS ESTORAQUE - 100 G / Pure Vegetable Bar Soap Ekos Storac - 100g

Feel the power of the forest with cleansing soaps, protect and perfume your whole body.

Natura Ekos soaps are made with 100% vegetable oils. His creamy and abundant foam leaves his skin soft and delicately scented with the green, light and refreshing fragrance of the storage.


• Made with 100% vegetable oils, Natura Ekos hydrating soaps, perfumes and promote the sense of well-being;

• 100% animal fat;

• All natura soaps are effective against viruses, germs and bacteria;

• Rich in glycerin, which provides softness and equilibrium for the skin.

Content: 100g.