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Natura TODODIA Avelã Cassis / Pure Vegetable Barbone Hazelnut And Cassis - 5un Of 90g

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SABONETE EM BARRA PURO VEGETAL AVELÃ E CASSIS TODODIA - 5UN DE 90G / Pure Vegetable Barbone Hazelnut and Cassis Tododia - 5un of 90g

Feel your skin protected and fragrant every day!

Tododia believes that when nourishing the skin, we also feed our feel. Therefore, it has developed ultra moisturizing and more perfumed products, in creamy textures that provide deep hydration that your body needs.


• Creamy and clean formula that leaves soft skin.

• Sensual floral fragrance.

• Creamy foam.

Content: 5 units of 90g each.