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Natura TODODIA Amora Vermelha Jabuticaba / Soap In Pure Vegetable Barberry Red And Jabuticaba - 5un Of 90g

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SABONETE EM BARRA PURO VEGETAL AMORA VERMELHA E JABUTICABA TODODIA - 5UN DE 90G / Soap in pure vegetable barberry red and jabuticaba Tododia - 5un of 90g

Delicate cleaning and gentle formula that maintains hydration of the skin.

Feel your body in an invigorating bath with the tododia bar soap. A combination of natural ingredients in a gentle formula that clears gently maintaining natural skin hydration.


• Gentle cleaning: Do not attack and do not dry, maintaining natural skin hydration;

• 98% natural ingredients: greater affinity with your skin;

• creamy and engaging foam: invigorating bath and delicious sensation of softness;

• Fragrance explosion: turns the bath at a special moment in your day.

Content: 5 units, 90g each.