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Natura NATURÉ Bololô / Bololô Bar Soap - 3 Units Of 90 G Each

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SABONETE EM BARRA BOLOLÔ - 3 UNIDADES DE 90 G CADA / Bololô bar soap - 3 units of 90 g each

The droplet of water that makes a bololot of foams, leaving your skin softer and fragrant.

It's a soap, but it can be water everywhere. River, shower, tap, bathroom and sea bottom. Bololô leaves your bath more fun and your skin soft and fragrant.


• Clean, soft and perfumed skin;

• Great gift option;

• Bars in fun formats;

• Transforms the bath into an adventure;

• Cartridge with coloring designs;

• Dermatologically tested;

• Vegan product.