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Natura CHRONOS Limpeza / Soap Cream Cleaning Moisturizing - 115ml

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SABONETE CREME LIMPEZA HIDRATANTE CHRONOS - 115ML / Soap Cream Cleaning Moisturizing Chronos - 115ml

Gently cleans the skin of the face and moisturizes for up to 6 hours. Indicated for normal drough skins.

The moisturizing cleaning soap was formulated especially for normal drough skins. It has glycovers, ingredients capable of promoting water retention even in rinse products, keeping the skin hydrated longer.


• Ideal for normal drough skins.

• Hydrates the skin for up to 6 hours.

• Smooth cleaning.

• Cream texture.

• Fragrance that promotes well-being.


• Betaine de Cupuaçú, tenseactivoactive of Brazilian biodiversity with the same potential for common cleaners, but with the softness of natural ingredients.

• Glycovers.

Content: 125ml.