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Ron Weasley Harry Potter MiniCo Collectible Miniature Statue Iron Studios

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Ronald Bílius Weasley (better known as Ron, or Ron in Brazil) is a character in the J. K. Rowling book series on Harry Potter. His first appearance is in the first book of the series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, as the best friend of Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. Loyal and companion, Ron comes from a family of purebred wizards. Sixth in a row of seven children, the young man gets serious when he has to face second-hand clothes and books, which is constant in his life. He has a great heart and defends with tooth and nail all those he loves. But he loses his temper easily. At times, Ron is also glorious, when as he leads Gryffindor to victory in the last game in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Another moment of glory, still in the fifth year, was when he was chosen Gryffindor prefect along with Hermione.
Harry Potter Mini Heroes Collection.
- Art Creations - Marcio Hum.
- Design - Chiaroscuro Studios.
- Approximate Measure: 16 x 14 cm.
- Material: Plastic.
- Approximate Weight: 200 grams.
- Collectable Decorative Item.
- Hand painting.
- Includes base.
- Approx. 12 cm high.
* Attention: This is a collectible decorative item, not recommended for children, suitable for over 15 years.

Product Size 14 cm
PVC material
Recommended Age Recommended product for those over 15 years old
Gender Unisex
Weight 0.5
Scale Toy art
MiniCO Manufacturer
Harry Potter Line
Product Type Statue

-01 Ron Weasley Harry Potter MiniCo Iron Studios Statue