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Rejuvenir Facial Ivy C10 CR FR CT 30G - Mantecorp

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Ivy C 10 is a facial rejuvenating cream that brings vitamin C pure. Innovative formula with pure vitamin C nanoencapsulated, guaranteeing greater stability, greater penetration and effectiveness of vitamin C, acting in the deeper layers of the skin. Ivy C 10 has rejuvenating and antioxidant action, stimulates collagen production, has antioxidant action and uniforms tone, as well as moisturizing the skin. Your cosmetic cream is light and quick absorption. Ideal for normal dried skins, leaves no oily skin. It can be used on face, neck and lap. Benefits
"-Reduz wrinkles in up to 7 days
-Previne and combat aging
Antioxidant and moisturizing
-Itimulate the production of collagen
-Reduz thin wrinkles
-Itifies the tone of the skin
-No changes color and not oxids "ingredients (active principles)
Vitamin C Pure Nanoencapsulated
Vitamin Emodo of Use (How to Use)
Apply a thin layer on the face, neck and lap, with clean and dry skin, massaging to complete absorption. Use twice a day or according to medical guidance. Recommended association with sunscreen when used in the morning.