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Natura NATURÉ Vapt Vupt 2 1 / Shampoo Vapt Vupt 2 In 1 - 250 Ml

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REFIL SHAMPOO VAPT VUPT 2 EM 1 – 250 ML / Refil Shampoo Vapt Vupt 2 in 1 - 250 ml

To take care of the hair in a practical way after a day of a lot of joke and discovery, in economic and ecological packaging.

Each hair has a unique personality. The delicate child wires need special care. Vapt Vupt is for all kinds of hair. Vapt Lava, leaving the wires super clean. VUPT Conditions, making everything soft. All this quality and delicacy with much less impact for nature.


• Cleaning with softness and clearance;

• For all kinds of hair;

• Fast and practical;

• Do not burn your eyes, tested ophthalmologically;

• Fun, cheerful and colorful fragrance, with apple smell;

• Economic and sustainable packaging;

• Packaging that becomes joking. Door pencil, flower vase, where the imagination will take;

• Dermatologically tested;

• Vegan product.