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Natura PLANT Liso Solto / Refill Smooth Shampoo And Loose - 300ml

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REFIL SHAMPOO LISO E SOLTO PLANT - 300ML / Refill Smooth Shampoo and Loose Plant - 300ml

Are your wires weakened by chemistry or using dryer and chapinha? Your hair needs smooth effect maintenance longer.

When hairs go through straightening processes, they need a special treatment. The smooth and loose Plant shampoo provides a bath of vegetable keratin that acts directly in the capillary structure and restores the wires deeply already in cleaning, strengthening and leaving soft and smooth hair for longer.


• Reduces frizz.

• Prolongs the effect of the progressive brush.

• Ideal for smoothed hair.

• Refill easier to use, with less environmental impact and repositionable validity seal.

Content: 300ml.