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Natura EKOS Esfoliante Tukumã / Body Exfoliating Body Tukumã - 185 Ml

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REFIL SABONETE LÍQUIDO ESFOLIANTE CORPORAL EKOS TUKUMÃ - 185 ML / Refil Body Exfoliating Body Ekos Tukumã - 185 ml

We are the new line Natura Ekos Tukumã: Antisseting power for your body for the regeneration of the Amazon.

Tukumã has the ability to renew and reprecate the skin from the inside out, fighting the signs of aging. Because in time our natural production of hyaluronic acid decreases, leaving the surface of the skin dehydrated and rough. The crude butter and the oil extracted from the fruit of the tukumã acts in a complementary way in the skin. While oil protects hyaluronic acid from the skin, butter stimulates its natural production. When choosing a product from the Ekos Tukumã line, you strengthen 702 forest guardian families for the regeneration of the Amazon.


• The refill version of your favorite product is more economical and has less plastic in your packaging. Good for you. Great for the planet;

• Clean and exfoliate, helping in the process of cell renewal;

• 97% of natural origin.

Contents: 185 ml