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Natura EKOS Esfoliante Açaí / Refill Body Exfoliating Body Açaí - 185 Ml

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REFIL SABONETE LÍQUIDO ESFOLIANTE CORPORAL EKOS AÇAÍ - 185 ML / Refill Body Exfoliating Body Ekos Açaí - 185 ml

Cleans without assaulting, removing dead cells and keeping the skin pH.

With gross acai oil and natural exfoliators, this clean liquid soap without assaulting the skin, removing dead cells and keeping the skin pH. When choosing a product from Ekos Acai line, you strengthen 368 forest guardian families and living Amazon.


• Clean without assaulting;

• Removes dead cells;

• maintains the natural pH of the skin;

• 97% natural origin;

• 83% the base of vegetables;

• Vegan product.

Contents: 185 ml